Turning innovative ideas into powerful solutions

CogniVista guides clients through the complexities of Artificial Intelligence, data science, and the cloud. By serving organizations who address societal challenges, CogniVista helps people make sense of the world through clear insights so that we all may reach our full potential.

Software Architect & Data Scientist

Ty Seddon has 25 years of experience in turning innovative ideas into powerful solutions. He has been technical lead on over 100 successful artificial intelligence and software architecture projects. He has been an owner or executive in 10 start-ups and has implemented 5 patents. Ty Seddon has led multi-million-dollar engagements with organizations such as Bureau of Labor Statistics, State of North Carolina, Johnson Controls, and Rotary International. [Read More]


Successful Projects


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Idea to Solution

CogniVista builds products, not just software. Those products integrate into your business model and operations to create sustainable competitive advantage. We will work with you to translate your idea into a research system and ultimately into a deliverable product. We have experience doing this on over 100 successful projects for companies large and small. Ty Seddon has been an owner or executive in 10 different startups. Partner with someone who has been in your shoes.


We believe in listening, REALLY listening to understand the challenges you are facing. You will always get frank and honest advice with your best interests in mind.


We have built research systems for some of the most innovative organizations. We’ll help you navigate the realities and the hype of AI.


The architect’s role is critical to a successful big data project. We help you strike the right balance between performance, scalability, and cost.


When time is of the essence and quality is critical, trust us as full stack developers to develop the product and business you envision.

Rapid Prototyping

Launching a new offering often requires investment capital. Investors want to see results. We have experience in rapid prototype development. This working prototype can be used to show investors your progress and potential customers the value of your idea. CogniVista can help you develop a fully functional production system. As part of that process, we will work with you and the other leaders to develop organizational structures, strategies, and processes to maximize return on investment (ROI) and manage risk effectively.


“Ty is committed and responsible. Once he takes on a project, he is all in. He is an amazing problem solver. He functions as an entrepreneurial thinker and knows what it takes to make things happen. You want him on the team for the IT architecture/design.”

– Dr. Lisa Fournier

“After using many firms to build my application, and experiencing the frustration of missed deadlines and confusion understanding our complex needs, Ty came through as a true professional.”

– Reginald Nosegbe, Valspresso

“As pressure to perform increased through new challenges and expectations, Ty was the man that delivered solutions at critical junctions. He was critical in one of Rotary’s most successful product launches in its 100+ year history.”

– Joe Roth, Rotary International

A Mindful View of Business

Focus on Value

Truly understand the value our client’s are producing and stay focused on delivering that every day.

Technology Investment

Manage a project’s budget carefully and wisely to produce long-term ROI.

Trusted Guidance

Protect our clients. Give them frank and honest advice. Help them understand their options.


Seek mastery in all things, share knowledge, acknowledge limitations, and keep learning.

Embrace Deadlines

Deadlines should be embraced and respected by all stakeholders. Delivering on time is not magic, it is the result of diligence and collaboration.

Your Growth is Our Success

We measure our success by how we help your organization grow.

Let’s build something together